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21st May 2010


sitathevampire sitathevampire sitathevampire sitathevampire sitathevampire sitathevampire

Edge of Night is a fan community for the Thirst/Last Vampire Series written by Christopher Pike in 1994 as The Last Vampire Series and re-released in 2009 as The Thirst Series.

22nd April 2008

iceminx4:27pm: PIKE for sale!
 Titles found so far...
All first edition...

*The Visitor
*Bury Me Deep
*Slumber Party

selling my childhood horror books -make offers - all are considered because I literally have NO room and I would like to see the books find happy homes instead of dropping them off at half-price books.

Also available:
Carol Ellis
RL Stine
Lois Duncan
Joan Lowery Nixon
Diane Hoh
LJ Smith
Ritchie T Cusick

check out my journal! Thanks!!

14th April 2008

unwanted_unlove3:50pm: You may already be aware of this
As adamant Pike fans. I only recently found out about it myself, though, so for those of you who haven't heard, Christopher Pike wrote a short story (I think it's called "Saving Face"), which will be published in September in a young adult anthology entitled "666:The Number of the Beast."

17th October 2007

jessamyn12:51am: first literary crush
i fell in love with chrisopher pike books when i was 12.
i diligently collected as many as i could, and by the time i was 15,
i had almost every single one he had written to that point (this was 1993).

but alas, we moved that summer to another state,
and since school started earlier in this new state than it did where we were from,
my brother and i were sent ahead of our parents to start school. 

that left my parents to finish moving us.
and for whatever reason, my mother,who i have since reluctantly forgiven for this,
got rid of all of the pike books i happened to leave behind.

i did replace some of them.
but i never acquired my entire original collection.

you know which one i miss the most?
"scavenger hunt".
i just remember seriously loving that story.
i plan to get it again very soon.

i've only recently seen maybe four or five of his books in 
i was pretty happy to find what i did-
"witch","road to nowhere",and "die softly"-though i don't really like "die softly" that much.
i never did.
guess i just needed to be reminded of that.

i've of course read "season of passage", "sati", "the cold one", and "the listeners".
they were all pretty good, as i recall.

"season of passage" is only shitty in my opinion, because of the ending.
it did keep me interested, but it's not always so fascinating to fuck everything up at the end.
some stories are meant to have unhappy endings.
but this unhappy ending was just irritating to me.

"sati" was different, but i still enjoyed it.
kind of a little vacation story.
wasn't filled with much action, or any teen angst.
just a hot blond who proclaimed she was God, 
and seemed to help people and bake delicious cookies.
sounds reasonable to me.

whatever, i'm 29 now, and i still want to read kevin's stuff 'till i'm dead.
he was my first literary crush-no shit.
i just found the way he wrote very attractive.

he's intelligent, obviously.
he's got a sense of humor,
he's kinda dark, which i have quite a weakness for, 
and he wasn't afraid to make his teen characters realistic, in that they 
cussed, had sex, and did drugs.

how could i not have a girl crush on the man?

of course, i'm older now, so my crush ain't what it was.
but i still really wonder what he looks like.
apparently, he doesn't want that hassle.
or maybe he's a fucking troll.
i have no idea.

but yes, regardless of who he is in real life,
Christopher Pike will always be one of my ultimate favorite authors.


21st July 2007

aegion11:43am: The Season of Passage (he rewrote Monster and made it three times as long)
Before I get into this I want to say that Christopher Pike is one of my favorite authors.

I'm in my early twenties and only in the past few years have I been reading Christopher Pike. I don't see any shame in this as I think his books are much more intelligent than most other young adult writers and could easily be considered adult novels.

The past few years I've read nearly all Pike's mystery books and loved them. What I consider his best are: Bury Me Deep, Die Softly, Last Act, Chain Letter, The Final Friends Trilogy, Remember Me, Fall Into Darkness, Slumber Party, Weekend, Gimme A Kiss, Chain Letter 2, and to a lesser extent Master of Murder, The Lost Mind, The Midnight Club, and Road to Nowhere.

Those are his true mystery books and I consider him to be the greatest mystery writer of all time.

His other books I don't enjoy as much, the supernatural action books. Witch, Monster, Whisper of Death, The Last Vampire series, etc. These are still decent books but not nearly as interesting, satisfying, and page-turning as his mysteries.

After reading through all of Pike's great mystery novels I wanted more but knew all I had left was his non-mystery mediocre supernatural stuff. But then I thought of the few longer novels he'd written. I'd heard good things about The Season of Passage and even though it didn't sound that great to me from reading the dust jacket, I had heard so much praise for this book (the owner of a Pike fan site even listed this as her favorite novel) that I decided to give it a try.

I just finished reading it, and let me tell you guys, The Season of Passage sucks. This is basically just like Monster except stretched out three times as long. I only thought Monster was average in the first place. So imagine how I feel about The Season of Passage.

The Season of Passage was hard for me to read. I had no fun reading it and had to force myself through it. Much of it takes place on Mars, which isn't the best setting for a book as it's bleak, bland planet of red dust. And the plot is so contrived and drawn out. It's like a bad Stephen King novel. If you've ever read Pet Semetary (which I was the worst Stephen King novel I've ever read) it's on that level of badness. The main problem is that vampires are boring, there are so many shows, movies, and books about vampires that no matter what kind of spin you put on it it's still not fresh or interesting.

I can see how 9 - 15 year olds would like this book and judging from the slew of positive reviews on amazon that seems to be the age group that reads it most. But if you're in your late teens or older, or a fan of Pike because of his mystery novels, don't waste your time on The Season of Passage.

10th July 2007

xbrandypantzx9:13am: New Member
I started Reading Pike when I was in Middle School - I don't remember how I came across him but I assume it was because I started with Fear Street books and just went on from there. I always liked to read Pike more than Fear Street because they seemed so much more adult. Now that I'm 25 I'm actually still reading them and I do feel a little silly. I'm glad I came across this community because it seems that a lot of adults read his books too!

My favorite Christopher Pike Book is Road to Nowhere with Remember Me coming in close 2nd. However I could never manage to finish the 3rd installment of Remember Me... Shari had changed so much and I just didn't like her as well.

I'm currently trying to read Monster and want to read The Midnight Club next because from what I've read online its one of the highest rated books by him.

In addition to trying to collect and read most of his books, I've been trying to compile a list of all his YA Novels in order. I made an amazon list for the books - you can see my amazon profile here - http://www.amazon.com/gp/pdp/profile/A38TA0GHX1NBIP - Feel free to let me know if I'm missing any or if they're out of order in anyway. There is a list for his regular novels and then one for his series.

Some other really good YA Books I've read lately are Sweetblood by Peter Hautman and The Black Book: Diary of a Teenage Stud Series.

Sweetblood is about a diabetic goth girl who thinks that vampires were really just untreated diabetics. She's just a little weird girl and feels kind of alone I guess. Then she starts getting in trouble at school and going to these "vampire parties". I thought it was a really good book. The author describes the teen goth scene pretty well I think - or at least better than I think other adults would lol.

The Black Book: Diary of a Teenage Stud series is basically a diary of a boy who is crazily obsessed with girls in general. The author is actually credited as the boy who owns the diary, but its a work of fiction. I really liked this series even though I sometimes find it hard to read books from a male point of view. There are 4 books and they're all equally awesome.

I've kind of wanted to read the Clique seres and other type books but I dunno if they're too young for me. If you have any reading suggestions please let me know!
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30th April 2007

unwanted_unlove11:11am: So I finally got around to reading The Yanti
And I must say that of the three Alosha books written thus far, this one is by far my favorite. Though the heroine is a thirteen-year-old girl, this book dealt with a lot of familiar themes, and thus felt really similar to the books about older teenagers that I learnt to love so much. And it was so uplifting. I felt this glow inside when I finished the novel. My only problems with it are that sometimes it seemed TOO narrative, if you know what I mean, b/c Pike had to recap so much of what had occurred in the other two books. Still, since I hadn't read the other two books in a while, the recap was helpful, so while I mention it as a bit annoying, that's probably more applicable to people who read the first books in series over and over again until the next one comes out (I don't know whether anyone in this community does that or not, but it's something I've seen my bro and sis do with the Harry Potter books).

17th April 2007

purple_punkage2:42am: Book Review
Book: Doing It

Melvin Burgess

4 out of 5 stars

Point of View:
Multiple First Person, as well as Third Person Omnicient


British humour and slang terms, but fairly easy to understand

Gender: Male and Female readers - no direct link to a specific gender

Three boys, who are friends, are about to have their first times, or well... somewhat.  You are taken on a voyage, or an adventure, or even a perversion (in whichever way you want to call it) through the minds of teenaged boys and girls about their lives with their families, their friends, their signifcant others with one basic theme... DOING IT.  This basically explains the novels title.  The book, however, is so much more than just doing it.  Filled with humour, emotions, and honesty, this book can be enjoyed by many teenagers and young adults, male or female, and even parents as well.  I don't want to give out too much, but it is definately a good read.

Cover Art: Basic cover art is the following:
Doing ItDoing ItDoing It

Other Books by Melvin Burgess:

Chapters.ca link --
Amazon.com link --

14th March 2007

unwanted_unlove7:17pm: Has anyone read Pike's latest novel yet?
Hello, I am yet another Christopher Pike fan. I started reading his work when I was in fourth grade, and just never grew out of it, I guess; I'm currently 21. I really do thoroughly enjoy Pike's writing; I own most of the works he's written and have re-read most of them at least once.

So he has a new novel out - adult, I believe...called Falling. It just came out March 6, according to amazon.com. Has anyone had a chance to read it yet, and if so, what did you think about it (without any spoilers, please! I like to be surprised...)? Quite frankly, I found the first two Alosha books to be somewhat entertaining, but without that spark which infuses most of Pike's work so that I could know it's his work just by reading it (I'll admit, I'm bad & I haven't read the last book in the trilogy yet). But I might have just been too excited that something new by Pike was coming out.

12th March 2007

voiletfan_262:57pm: Join my Community!!!!!!
Everyone who likes movies join my community moviestilludrop and have fun with the free movies.

5th July 2006

oh_cadaver2:27pm: I'm trying to sell...
If anyone is interested in buying any of these, get ahold of me by leaving a comment here, my personal journal, or by emailing me at m_m907@yahoo.com. I have a package of 15 R.L. Stine Fear Street books to sell ($5) plus some Richie Tankersley Cusick and Caroline B. Cooney, etc.
List of books under cutCollapse )

26th June 2006

voiletfan_264:21pm: New member....
Hey, I'm a big Pike, Duncian, Hoh, and Stine fan!
My Computer name is Ali and my favorite one out of all of those authors would have to be Stine because I love Fear Street.Second favorite is Pike because he did whisper of Death. Then Hoh for the funhouse and the nightmare hall series. And then Duncian with I know what you did last summer and stranger with my face. Have any of you guys read Fear Street Nights yet?

5th April 2006

bookdrivegirl9:34am: Do you have used young adult books on your shelves you aren’t reading? Please consider making a donation to the YA Book Drive for Rural Libraries. I work at a library in the New York Southern Tier and have started a book drive to provide the libraries in the surrounding communities with books for their young adult collection. When libraries have tight budgets it is the teens that are left out. Please take a moment to check out the book drive’s website and browse our Amazon Wish List where you can purchase books for the YA Book Drive. Questions, comments or suggestion? Just email me at bookdrivegirl@yahoo.com or leave a comment below.

Thank you,

25th September 2005

_sarahbellum_10:49am: Books for sale.
I have a million children's/young adult books I'm trying to sell. If you're interested or have any questions, please email me at sarahjmcclung@hotmail.com. Thank you!

List of books behind cutCollapse )
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11th May 2005

jariahel10:05am: Hey everyone,
It's my first day in this community and well, I was just curious to know if anyone here would be able to answer a question I have had on my mind for a couple of years now.
I'm such a Christopher Pike druggie, maybe this is the reason I can't let this go...

Have any of you read Pike's book:
"The Cold One"? (it's one of his adult novels)
Well, at the end of the novel it states something along the lines of "Look out for the second part of The Cold One this upcoming summer" and the book was written in the 90's.
So well, where's the second part of the book?

Hopefully, someone here will know!?
Thank you truly,
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4th May 2005

silentcrysx337:44pm: Hey im 15 and Im new to this communtiy. I really love reading especially young adult fiction and I was actually wondering if anyone had any suggestions on books that I could read. I got the chicken pox 2 days ago and I have to stay home without leaving the house for 7 full days which means that I have ALOT of spare time on my hands so if you've read a good book that you think would interest a 15 yr old girl, please tell me. Id really appreciate it. You can also check out me Lj, comment me or add me as a friend!
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20th April 2005

shinji_hiroshi4:00am: R.L. Stine Fear Street books for sale
Hey guys I was cleaning out my room the other day gathering stuff to sell to try and help me buy a laptop, and I came across these R.L. Stine books I've read god knows how many times, from middle school all the way to high school. I loved his work, and after Seniors he just quit writing, thus I turned to Anne Rice after words lol

If anyone is interested in buying them I'm selling the books for cheap. I'd like them to go to a good home. My sister doesn't like the Fear street books, so I'm going to let these go. Only ones I'm keeping are his Senior books, I had to spend forevenr tracking down book two *_*

Everything is listed in groups so the books shouldn't be hard to find. I will ship out of the USheathers_junk

14th February 2005

mybloodyarms7:54pm: Ok for all of you who have read the Amazing book "Cut" by Patricia McCormick, I have the first ever "Cut" RPG board. (Role Play Game) this is the site, come, look around, join "SICK MINDS"
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9th December 2004

veronicaisdead12:50pm: Hi there! :)
I have two books that I don't want anymore and am unable to sell on ebay so I thought I'd offer them here. :) They are free of course, just pay for shipping. If this post isn't allowed, I'm sorry and feel free to delete! Thanks!

R.L. Stine The Fear Street Saga #1 The Betrayal

R.L. Stine The Fear Street Saga #3 The Burning

They are both used of course so do have some creases, #1 being the worst of the two. Let me know here or email me at veronicaisdead@livejournal.com Thanks again!

27th November 2004

beccaelf6:41pm: Does anyone remember a series (I think there were three books in it) about a girl and her boyfriend? It was written journal style (I think..The back covers were always journal entries), and it was all "Do I or Don't I have sex with my boyfriend?" I'm pretty sure the guy's name was Mike...

25th November 2004

joe_hahns_fwogi9:00am: The first Christopher Pike book I started reading was Road to Nowhere. Unfortunately I never finished (long story), but my liking started there.
I think the first book I finally finished was Sati. After that I finally started reading more.
I read Whisper of Death which is one of my favourite books of all time now.
Then I read Remember Me (prt.1.).
Then I found Remember Me (2) in a charity shop, along with a trilogy of his. I think this was; The Party, The Dance, The Graduation? I haven't yet finished this one, I'm on the last story in it (I haven't got it at hand right now. But the design of the book is gorgeous.).
I've also read Spellbound.
Also. I just love the relationship between Shari and Peter (I hope I've got the names right...) in the Remember Me series.

I've come across more but need to actually motivate myself to get hold of the damn things.

So yeah. A rough history of my history on his books. There probably is more but yeah.

xx x

19th October 2004

tasha3:45pm: Eww eww eww
I'm really excited about this place. Christopher Pike is fucking brilliant and I'm 22 years old. I started reading him in 5th grade. He has actually written a couple of adult novels. Actually, a lot. The best way to find him is to join your local library.


rocked my fucking socks. If you love him, you will LOVE this book.

Do Pike fans feel like he makes ANYTHING SEEM POSSIBLE! He is so believable.

One of my favorite young adult books were the "Remember Me" series. It really made an impact on my life at the time.

18th October 2004

xxmzgigglezxx6:12pm: I think it was a few days ago I remember reading that someone was looking for the first Cheerleader book by Christopher Pike and I went on Amazon.com and i found a bunch so if anyone is interested heres the link.
click here
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17th October 2004

disturbed_vamp5:36pm: Hi everyone, guess who just joined?

I'm 25, live in Australia and curious to know what the hell has happened to Mr. Pike.

Has he stopped writing? I haven't seen a new book of his in-store or even in the library in a very long time, not since I was a teenager myself. I started reading his work 13 years ago. I can't remember which one I read first but I was instantly hooked. Can anyone tell me what he's been up to lately? I've done a standard google search and come up empty-handed. Even though I've now developed a taste for more adult material, it's been bothering me for a while because I was a huge fan back in the day when he'd produce one fantastic book after another. It's like he's dead or something. Or maybe he's retired.

If you can provide any helpful, up-to-date information please do so. At mah urging.

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